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The Resin Labs

  1.   DLP/Resin Printing
  2.   Public

Discussion for various resins, profile, settings, and slicer options for Wanhao DLP/SLA printers.

Arduino Salad Bowl

  1.   Electronics Workbench
  2.   Public

Arduino related topics, discussion, files and learning...

Historic Origins Studios 3D Workspace

  1.   3D Modeling
  2.   Private

Historic Origins Studios 3D Workspace - Internal Collaboration

Contributor's & Author's Lounge

  1.   Wanhao University
  2.   Public

Wanhao University's Contributor & Author Lounge

Educators & Teachers

  1.   Wanhao University
  2.   Public

A discussion group for teachers and educators to share experiences and stories about 3D Printing.

Wanhao Development

  1.   Wanhao University
  2.   Public

Wanhao Development: Talk about new technologies, exchange ideas for improvements, and share your own experiments!

Kid's Corner!

  1.   General
  2.   Public

Kid's Corner! Introducing and teaching 3D Modeling and printing to the kids!

University Park

  1.   Wanhao University
  2.   Public

Just the relaxing place to sit on a bench and enjoy the day. General group for all University members, for general chat.

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