Duncan "Shadow" Louca's First (And Amazing!) Kickstarter

Duncan LoucaDuncan "Shadow" Louca...
Unless you've been hiding under a low poly rock or maybe new to the printable model scene, you've heard of this artist.
He's a digital artist that enjoys RPG's, tabletop gaming, and of course, 3D Printing. Since last year, he's released substantial amounts of digital models for free and continues to add to those collections. These aren't just basic models my friend, any one of them deserves high marks for design, execution, and detail. This has been a great set of assets for both FDM and Resin type printing.
Going slightly forward in the timeline last year, early in the summer of 2017 he added an additional avenue to his craft by starting a Patreon page that quickly became popular. Proof positive that the community sees the potential and quality, dedication and involvement through user suggested direction on sculpts. But wait, theres more...
Duncan's Website
Personally, I can't express the sheer value in the free offerings, and the low cost Patreon tiers should make anyone appreciative of the work he puts forth. Artists are always inspired but true enough, we aren't living in caves and life costs money, including time- and Duncan devotes alot to this craft. Some of my favorite prints come from this man, and for the work we do here at the University Labs it's kept resin and filament profiling, an otherwise boring task, interesting and actually pleasurable to see the results.
Now for the icing on the cake. Duncan just launched his first Kickstarter. (I originally covered it the day of launch but a comet driven alien virus kept me calling for Ripley for a few days and the initial writeup was sacrificed to the gatekeeper guarding Oblivion, in a manner of speaking.)
This is a themed Kickstarter- "Sci-Fi Vehicles and Artillery" As you'll see, like the rest of his work, they are nothing short of incredible. You can use them for any RPG/tabletop, or just print them for the sheer reason they look and will paint up as models exceeding alot of the offerings elsewhere. The stretch goals are flying open like wildfire and this keeps getting better and better.
Enjoy some of the images (more can be seen on the Kickstarter page!)
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
duncan ks01 08
 Enjoy Folks!               
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