Slicer PE and Resin Printing. I can't wait for this...

support headaches
A new approach to manual supports being introduced into Slicer PE will give some real nice advantages to the work flow for resin printing as well. Watch the video, and take it all in.
I'm anxious to be able to use these features within the resin side of things- and theres some very experience related reasons why. Auto generate, no matter what program is is, sucks balls except for the simplest of models. As you learn you finally figure out you need to develop your manual placement skills.
Theres no magic or luck involved with getting those prints happening every time, and while the software can help you get there, it will not do it for you. Manually placing individual support points is tedious but necessary for detailed models- if you want a clean model after removing those supports. In walks the support blockers and enforcers in Slicer PE. Anyone who does alot of detailed models will come to awareness that while some areas no matter what will still require point placement, being able to specify regions for placement as defined in the density and overhang settings will speed up the process in some cases dramatically.
Being able to define blocked and forced enforcement areas can potentially make auto placement feasible on more models with very little correction needed after that you otherwise wouldnt been able to. Good things on the horizon.
earl miller
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