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We at Wanhao are inspired and driven to produce easy to use, affordable printers so that the future of the technology and people's lives can change in undiscovered ways. The next Tesla or Einstein may be in-waiting somewhere, just needing the opportunity to grow and be enabled.
I want to introduce you to this: We want to do MORE, by giving them MORE -  MAKING OPPORTUNITIES REAL ENVIRONMENT (M.O.R.E.)
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Even the base for this concept started with a conversation between myself and my 9 year old Talon.
When he asked me how we can help increase the likelihood these young minds get that chance and create enthusiasm to pursue further interest, study and application, I told him one way (which we are doing already) by creating affordable printers, especially the D10 for classrooms. He then said "It would be good if they had a way to make money from things they create and maybe even ideas they have so they know that its a good thing to pursue. Everyone needs money, especially the less fortunate right?"
"Out Of The Mouth Of babes", as the saying goes.
We are going to put that idea to work by allowing young makers and designers to submit and have public their work (designs and even things they make) and the profits from such go directly to them. It's going to be a work in progress.
To give you a general idea- (and we welcome feedback) Here are some of the basics.
  1. Allow young adults to submit design ideas and models (STL or OBJ) to be reviewed and place them on the University Store for purchase by the rest of the world. You will be directly supporting their efforts!
  2. In the case of physical, created items it will be up to them to facilitate the delivery. This can create some delays but in the guidelines to be drafted, we are going to do our best to accommodate and help you and them through the process and make sure this can work.
  3. To insure success with this we will not provide funds to those making the submissions until we get delivered confirmation from the purchasers- this protects all parties involved. We are going to do our best to calculate shipping and see to it that the most possible is directed towards them by reflecting that in the pricing, and fully outline these costs where we can in the descriptions. It will be a work in progress and together we can make this work for them!
  4. Since this system involves minors, it will be necessary for their parents or guardians to facilitate compliance and in some cases legally handle issues and disbursement on their behalf. We intend to allow and  require both the young and their parents or guardians to have accounts on the University, the main reason for them is we want to see pictures of their work, and seek to periodically highlight and write about their experiences and successes! 
There will be more. We are in the planning stages right now. We are creating a group (Similar to Facebook's group system) on the University. We welcome you all to join and contribute during this stage.
Watch the Facebook and University feeds for more information. We are excited to begin this journey and have you along for the ride!
Earl Miller, Wanhao University
earl miller
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